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Raportează problemele tehnice și spune-ți părerea despre acest joc pe forum Despre acest joc D. You have to survive, look for food, build and improve a house, as well as protect it from other inhabitants.

A The island consists of a vast desert area measuring 8x8 km 64km2.

Update 4. Completely redesigned and redesigned structure for easier setup. Especially relevant for new users. Some of the settings have been simplified to remove unnecessary detail.

On the vk bot discord you can find many resources: trees, stones, uranium, sulfur, metal and others. Each tree can be cut down, and each stone can be split. Traveling around the island you will meet settlements on which valuable things are located.

Interesant Cum să includeți muzică de la VK într-o discordie Discord este o aplicație gratuită care este proiectată atât pentru mesaje text cât și vocale între utilizatori. Dar, Discord are alte caracteristici, inclusiv capacitatea de a transmite muzică.

There are also two safe areas on the island where you can sell your goods to a merchant or buy something new. In addition vk bot discord players, you will meet hostile bots, such as spiders, scorpions, robots. At the time of early access, more than 15 types of firearms are available in the game, with the possibility of modification sights, silencer, laser.

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For each weapon you need to find cartridges that are also divided into several types ordinary, uranium, explosive, armor-piercing. Melee weapons more than 10 types.

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Also in the game there is a bow that will help you defend at an early stage of development. Arrows can also be of several types wooden arrow, bone arrow, arrow with iron tip, arrow with uranium tip, arrow with explosive tip.

Shooting in the game vk bot discord very realistic.

Each bullet is a separate object that can be easily noticed, this will allow you to control shooting at different distances. To build a house you will need a "kit for building a house" and a tree.

All buildings can be improved to make it harder for enemies to climb into your house.

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Quick slots - use these slots to interact with inventory without opening it. Most often, weapons, food, medicines and parts for building a house are placed in these slots.

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Equipment slots - in these slots you can only put clothes and a backpack. There is a separate slot for each type of clothing.

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After the clothes are worn, you will see indicators of protection against various damage. Backpack Slots - These slots will appear after you equip your backpack. They will allow you to carry more items.

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Powered by jet fuel. You can find it near roads or in different settlements.

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Jetpack - if you need to climb higher, a jetpack will help you with this. It also runs on jet fuel.

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You can find it near roads and in different settlements.