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Strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi, Descrierea API portabilitatea Analyzer - alfa

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi

Mughals exercised a progressive rule in Bengal. Bengal was then a very wealthy province and opțiune lichidă frequently attacked by the pirates.

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Aurangzebafter his accession to the throne wanted to appoint a man with high skills in naval warfare as the river-oriented Bengal was the strong hold of Shah Shuja. Mir Jumla was aware of the pirates who used to run a campaign of terror in the important cities of Bengal. After his appointment as the Subahdar, he shifted the capital of Bengal to Dhaka from Rajmahal.

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi

In a quest to protect the capital Dhaka from the pirates, Mir Jumla II developed a triangular defence strategy and decided to build up three river forts near Dhaka. On their way to Dhaka they used to loot other important cities like Sonargaon and Bikrampur. So, he came up with a triangular defence strategy to protect the cities from the Portuguese pirates.

Joi, 16 ianuarieActualitate Administratie Locala Putini stiu de existenta ei, insa Bucurestiul are o comoara arhitecturala si istorica extraordinara. Este vorba despre reteaua de fortificatii din jurul Capitalei 18 forturi si 18 baterii construita intre de regele Carol I, sub indrumarea generalului belgian Henri Alexis Brialmont, scopul lor fiind de a apara capitala in cazul unui razboi.

The erection of strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi fort was intended to check the advance of the Magh and Portuguese pirates proceeding towards the Mughal capital city of Dhaka. The fort was also strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi as the naval base of the naval fleet of frigates under Mughal admiral Abul Hossain.

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi

However, if any of the pirate ships survived the initial attack and tried to advance to Dhaka the Sonakanda Fort and the Hajiganj Fort, situated on the eastern and western bank of Shitalakshya River respectively, would start throwing round-shots to those ships and vessels and sink all the pirate ships on the river. Idrakpur Fort Architecture[ edit ] Idrakpur river-fort is different from the other Mughal forts and has a number of unique features.

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi

The fort is apparently divided into two parts- the eastern part and the western part. The quadrangular eastern part and the polygonal western part combined into the complete fort.

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The wall has machicolations from where the enemies on the river was targeted and the mortars were fired. There are a number of towers from where the movement of the enemies were observed. The circular drum is further enclosed by another fortification wall, which was used for mounting a huge cannon.

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi

Another remarkable feature of the fort is the existence of a staircase leading to a secret room at the foot of the drum. The staircase leads to a secret underground chamber which was the magazine or storehouse for arms and explosives.

According to some myth the staircase was a part of the secret tunnel linked with Lalbagh Fort. The main entrance gate of the fort is on the north with a high rectangular bastion crowned by machicolated merlons which served as a guard room.

strategii de opțiuni pentru forturi