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    Linked in Let's make work at home safe and healthy According to the Eurofound the COVID crisis provided the impetus for se safe online home work ad-hoc telework revolution, one that had been anticipated for over a generation but had largely failed to materialise. The pandemic has caused far-reaching changes in a very short time period. Teleworking became the customary mode of working for many employees with previously limited or no experience of working in this way.

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    The Living, working and COVID online survey — carried out by the Eurofound — suggests that for those working from home, there is often no physical separation between work and living spaces. This raises issues of blurred boundaries between work and non-work life, which the process of going out to work helps to delimit in more normal times. Respondents working from home during the pandemic were also much more likely to indicate working regularly every day or every other day in their free time.

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    When it comes to aspects of job quality, the survey shows that place of work matters: those who worked exclusively from home fared less well on the job quality items than those working from other locations.

    To highlight the consequences of teleworking, including on musculoskeletal health the Slovenian Focal Point and the Association for Occupational, Traffic and Sports Medicine are organising a webinar 'Let's make work at home safe and healthy'.