Black–Scholes model

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News Money Management A proper money management is the main difference between gambling and trading, use a bad money management and you will almost for sure loose your capital completely!

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But what exactly is the money management and how to get it right? This is what you will learn in this post!

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What exactly is the money management? The MM is a collection of rules telling you how much to invest in a specific trade!

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There are different forms of money management i will explain in this article. There is one Money Mangement variant breaking this rule martingalebut i suggest you don´t use this method!

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If you win the most of your trades, and you reach your goal, its time to define a q opțiuni binare optma trading amount or withdraw your profit. In the case you lose to much, you should have a balance level where you decrease the amount per trade to avoid losing all your money! This way your trading amount will increase if you win a trade, and decrease if you lose a trade!

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You can also change teh amount of trades till a new calculation. Martingal — This is the riskiest money management method only suitable for experienced trades! With this money management, you increase your trading amount whenever you lose a trade as much as needed to make an overall profit with your next won trade.

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One option would be to multiply your trading amount after a lost trade with 3 for example, this way your next trade could generate an overall profit if it expires in the money! You see, you need lots of money to use this method without running out of capital after a few losses! In the most cases the profit from q opțiuni binare optma last trade will simply be added to the trading amount for the next trade for trades in a  row!

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In my opinion, the first 2 and the last one are the best to be used! Only use this method with lots of experience and carefully. A light version would only increase the amount once after the lost trade in a row, this way it never reaches these trading amounts! How to choose the best money management for your trading style?

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The best way to find the optimal MM is to test all of them except martingal I suggest. Also take a look at your trading style and patterns.


Are you often win several trades in a row, if so the last money management could be the best choice for example! You may want to watch this video about the right money management for binary options trading!

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