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Insam trading co inc standout among local comic book artists, Ouz Arals treasured character, Avanak Avni, was born in Grgr magazine, a cornerstone of the Turkish cartoon industry.

Responsabilitatea pentru conţinutul articolelor le revine autorilor. Layout: Studioul de Imagine Comunic rts Contact: eu ugc. Rareori, doar anumiţi indivizi îşi schimbă mediul de trai din cauze culturale sau religioase.

We miss the misadventures of Avni, the simpleton who could never master speech and would peek at womens legs when he visited their houses with his mother. En Kahraman Rdvan Another character that found life in Grgr thanks to Blent Arabacolu, the unforgettable En Kahraman Rdvan is determined to become a superhero despite a distinct lack of superpowers. And on top of that, hes clumsy Hes best remembered for leaping into action with a shout of Kukuriku and a flying kick. Insam trading co inc hero, trapped in a never- ending battle against bandits that saw no help from his carelessness, had a knack for using his brains and a healthy dose of luck to get out of insam trading co inc most difficult situations unscathed.

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Kt Kedi erafettin Cihangirs foul-mouthed, aggressive cat-man hybrid erafettin is a character that few Turks would be unfamiliar with Created in the memory of Blent stns cat erafettin, Kt Kedi erafettin translating to Bad Cat erafettin is likely to be the worlds least cute cat.

Born at L-Manyak and later transferred to Lombak, the morally destitute ero, with the bottle of wine or beer and a cigarette perpetually attached to his hand, displaying behaviour that would put the supposedly misbehaved Garfield to shame, has become a legend among Turkish cartoon characters.

Born in L-Manyak, these are two of Turkeys most famous comic characters.

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Penned by Grcan Yurt, the series depicts the English Robinson Crusoe, who steps onto the island and begins acting like a nobleman, and Cuma, who was brought to the island by its natives and finds himself under Robinsons command.

The primary dynamic of this forced friendship was the love-hate relationship between the characters the very thing that often got them into trouble. Nasreddin was a satirical Sufi, believed to have lived and died during the 13th century in Akehir, near Konya, a capital of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, in today's Turkey. He is considered a populist philosopher and wise insam trading co inc, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes.

He appears in thousands of stories, sometimes witty, sometimes wise, but often, too, a fool or the butt of a joke.

A Nasreddin story usually has a subtle humour and a pedagogic nature. The International Nasreddin Hodja fest is celebrated between 5 insam trading co inc 10 July in his hometown every year 10 Kelolan Turkish: bald boy is a fictional character in Turkish culture As a well-known character - also known as keleolan - Kelolan has the problem of being bald from birth.

It flourished in Anatolia, insam trading co inc the boundaries of this land and has become the common cultural heritage of a vast area where it had turned into a colourful dream and life stage. Koglniceanu Vaslui Romania,institution with a big experience of 14 years in coordinating European projects and 7 European Language Labels.

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The main objective of the project is to increase the quality of language learning by promoting intercultural European education centered on comics, through the main key competencies: communication in foreign languages English,French,Italiandigital competencies, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and the cultural responsiveness and expression.

The strategy of monitoring,evaluation and dissemination are complex and follow every step of project implementation. The target group is made of pupils and 50 teachers from the involved institutions.

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The main activities are: the project management - the preparation of the projects teams, the preparation of the connections and selection of target groups; the implementation; the general management; the evaluation; the dissemination; the financial management; the transnational 12 meetings; the work to get the intellectual output O1 ; the multiplier event E1-the International Conference Comics in teaching languages for a new age of didactic creativity.

The methodology of the implementation is founded on the management phases, as well on actions in order to: plan and prepare action strategy ; realize the project projects teams founding, detailed activitiesmanagement, evaluation as stipulated in the opțiunea gratuită este approach dissemination of the results, follow-up strategy, sustainability.

Enjoy our project! The children continuously talk to their aunt. The man sits insam trading co inc on his seat. Come and look out of the window! The boy does so BOY Why is that man chasing the sheep out of the field? AUNT I suppose he is taking them to a field with more grass.

BOY But there's a lot of grass on that field. There's plenty of grass, can't you see it? AUNT Maybe the grass on the other field is better. BOY Why is it better? AUNT Oh, look! Some cows! BOY So what? We have seen a lot of cows along the railway! Why is the grass better on the other field? Listen to a story! The children gather around her bored and showing no interest AUNT Once upon a time there was a very obedient and diligent girl GIRL 1 How much obedient and diligent?

AUNT Very. Because she was such a nice girl she had made a lot of friends who were always around her GIRL 2 Even when she was sleeping? AUNT No, of course not AUNT Well, it's a way of speaking GIRL 2 Grown-ups shouldn't mislead innocent children. AUNT Well, yes, you are right One day, while she was on a field, in the country BOY On a field with plenty of grass, like that one?

GIRL 1 bored Who has ever seen angry bulls insam trading co inc the fields? BOY Maybe he had been stung by an angry bee. GIRL 2 So many angry creatures on a field? Hard to believe. AUNT And she started to scream and all her friends were there to save her GIRL 1 How could they hear her if they weren't around?

Я мечтала о Мариусе всю мою долгую жизнь, все одинокие ночи, проведенные в детском приюте. А Клайд - в честь брата Макса, оставшегося в Арканзасе. - Великолепное имя, - сказала Николь и, улыбаясь собственным мыслям, вновь повернула к выходу.

GIRL 2 And if she hadn't been so nice, they wouldn't have saved her, would they? Anyway, they clearly loved her very much.

  • Еще до вашего бегства мы внимательно следили за развитием событий в вашем поселении, - проговорила Верховный Оптимизатор, когда все собрались.
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  • Хотя казнь была назначена на 8:00, на передних сидениях уже расположилось человек тридцать; некоторые переговаривались, но в основном все сидели молча.
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BOY From the first words I realized it would be boring, stupid, uninteresting AUNT Cyril! AUNT upset It's very difficult to tell children stories which they are supposed to like and understand at the same time.

MAN I do not agree. AUNT Maybe you would like to try telling them a story GIRL 1 Yes, tell us a story! The children gather around the man MAN Insam trading co inc upon a time there lived a girl called Betty who was extraordinarily obedient. MAN undisturbed She did everything she was asked to, she never lied, she didn't make her clothes dirty, she ate all her milk pudding and did all her lessons.

GIRL 2 Was she pretty? MAN Not as pretty as you two are. In exchange she was disgustingly obedient.

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They were big metal medals that jingled like bells. No other child had three medals, so everybody knew she was super-obedient. BOY Disgustingly obedient.

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And he called her and said he allowed her to walk in his park once a week. It was a great honour because no child had ever been allowed in there. BOY Were there any sheep in the park?


MAN No, there weren't any sheep. GIRL 1 Why weren't there any sheep in the park? MAN Because the Prince's mother had dreamt that her son would be killed and eaten by a sheep. MAN He is still alive so we can't know if the dream will ever come true. And anyway there were a lot of piglets in the park, running to and fro BOY What colour were they?

MAN Black, white, grey, all sorts of pigs. Betty was disappointed when she discovered there were no insam trading co inc in that park. GIRL 1 No flowers in the park?

Florina Macovei Corectură și editare: prof. Silvia Bogdăneanu Coordonatori: prof. Mihaela Alina Chiribău-Albu, prof.

Finally a park without flowers! GIRL 2 Why weren't there any flowers in the park?

MAN Because the pigs had eaten them all. But the prince decided that he should keep the pigs and not the flowers. BOY Wise decision!

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I like that Prince! I have never heard a more interesting story. But right then a wolf turned up sniffing around GIRL 1 What was his colour? MAN Grey. And he had a long black tongue and fiery eyes. The first thing he saw was Betty with her clean white apron and her three big medals BOY The story is getting more and more exciting.

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MAN Betty saw the wolf and how he was sneaking towards her and she started wishing she had not been allowed in the park. GIRL 2 In fact she started wishing she had not been so obedient and diligent GIRL 1 And did the wolf eat the girl? MAN Yes, the wolf ate the girl and all they found later was her three medals the wolf couldn't chew. Please, stop right now. It's outrageous! The wolf ate the obedient girl! GIRL 2 And did he also eat any insam trading co inc MAN No, the piglets stayed all alive.

They stayed alive to eat any flower that dared grow in that park! GIRL 1 The story begins badly but ends quite nicely! BOY It is the only interesting story I have ever heard!

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AUNT indignant A very improper story for insam trading co inc You have just destroyed the effect of years of careful education!

MAN preparing to leave the compartment Effect of years of careful education!

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You may be right, but I succeeded in keeping them quiet, restful and interested more than 10 minutes which you couldn't with all your proper, educational, beautiful stories! Good bye, lady! Good bye, children!